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Floor facts - Conner 2

Floor facts

From Conner 2

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Conner 2 is home to 32 undergraduates and 2 Graduate Resident Tutors.

Floor Officers

Floor Ministers 
Michelle Nason, Daniel Sauza
Ministers of Leisure Activities 
211 Suite (Laura Nicholson, Adelaide Calbry-Muzyka, Yuki Sakai, James Dungan)
Ambassador to Canada 
Adelaide Calbry-Muzyka
Jordan Taylor
Floor Killer 
Meara Knowles
Minister of IM Sports
Rick Eyers, Jared Turkewitz
Minister of Birthdays
FGS (- CME members)
Zach Bailey
Minister of Apple Bake 
Diana Lusk, Daniel Sauza
Minister of Vacuums
Michael Snively
Ministers of the Tubes 
Laura Nicholson, Mason Tang, and Michael Snively

Floor Statistics

Purity test

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