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Laura Nicholson

Laura Nicholson



  • Height - 5'5"
  • Weight - 155 lbs
  • Hometown - Middletown, New Jersey
  • Graduation Year - 2009
  • Major - Course 2
  • Floor Positions - 1/4 of the Ministry of Leisure Activities, Co-Webmaster, Minister of the Dark Arts
  • Strengths - sarcasm
  • Weaknesses -
  • Nicknames - lnicks, Laura 1.0

Conner 2 Trivia

Laura Nicholson, bounty hunter
The Nicholson is the unit of quality storytelling.
Video Game Persona 
Laura's video game persona is Samus Aran from the Metroid series.
Secret Santa Poem 


From Ancient Colony she doth arise
And sees her fame in freshman eyes
By way of tubes her life conveyed
And for stories told she is paid
On field, in shop, her foes do sway
Compete did she in prime Robo fray
But if to Target you may go
Beware of her and "Dirtbag" beau


What do you get
for the gal with it all?
She can make it herself
if it's mechanical
She pulls mischief with class.
nothing she can't hack.
What present is there,
that she would lack?
She'd be Course 15
if she wanted wealth.
And she has all those items
that'll secure your health.
(Besides, we know EMTs
have the best late-night toys)
That's it! I got it!
I'll get you a boy!
One who's as creative
and clever as you,
Who loves good mischief
and is a good friend too.


Laura, who was born and raised in the greatest state in the country, is proud of her heritage as a Jersey Girl. (Translation: don't mess.) Laura loves playing all kinds of sports- baseball and field hockey are two of her favorites. In fact, she plays for the MIT Varsity field hockey team. She also volunteers for MIT-EMS, which is the campus's student run ambulance service. Not only that, she is one of Conner 2's three (count 'em, three) admissions bloggers.

Laura attended high school at one of MIT's younger cousins, High Technology High School and is now Course 2 at MIT.

Laura's entire sense of fashion is based off of Season 1 of Veronica Mars, and she has no indoor voice.

It was at the Jersey Shore, at a very young age, that Laura met the love of her life. Since moving to the Boston area, she's decided that the Sox are okay, but she will forever remain loyal to her first love: the New York Mets.


"Aww, Rick."

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Class year2009  +
Full nameLaura Nicholson  +
Is course2  +
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