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Canterbury Nathan Strunk
Scsu Susan Su


Name Room Year
Akiss Andras Kiss 212A 2013
Arond Aron Dreyfoos 213C 2013
Avick Adam Vickerman 223H 2013
Brandeau Erich Brandeau 224D 2012
Cjsw Clara Stefanov-Wagner 213F 2010
Dcurran Dorothy Curran 222A 2012
Diana22 2013
Ecorrell Eric Correll 213C 2010
Eperry4 Erin Perry 211B 2013
Itani Sara Itani 222A 2012
Iwerks Evan Iwerks 224C 2010
Jdungan James Dungan 212C 2011
Jet916 Jordan Taylor 223D 2011
Jturk Jared Turkewitz 211C 2010
Kamai22 Kiki Maiorca 213D 2010
Kimjohn John Kim 224F 2010
Ksagar Karan Sagar 212B 2012
Lbmeyer Laura Meyer 213A 2010
Lfridley Lila Fridley 224A 2013
Lsburton Sascha Burton 211B 2013
Masont Mason Tang 224B 2010
Mnason Michelle Nason 213B 2011
Mprat Michele Pratusevich 211B 2013
Rmcqueen Rob McQueen 2012
Samm Samantha Marquart 223G 2011
Sauza Daniel Sauza 224B 2011
Snively Michael Snively 223B 2011
Stang13 Sean Tang 223H 2013
Sungmi Sung Kim 213A 2010
Tburnett Tracy Burnett 223A 2012
Wgray496 Wesley Graybill 212B 2010

Other Residents

This list includes such people as actual Conner 2 residents who are temporarily living elsewhere or people who just wished they lived here.

Floor Alumni

This list includes alums of the floor who may not have graduated yet but have moved into other living arrangements.

Alumni of MIT

Former residents who have since graduated from the Institute.

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